Decoding the luxe- Book Review

India has always been know for its verging royalty from the Maharaja to the technovanza youths. The increasing sense of brand consciousness through the internet, growing influence of Western culture and expansion of modern retailing are bits of reasons India wants to dig deep in this sector Decoding the luxe by Mahul Brahma an award… Continue reading Decoding the luxe- Book Review


Nice Men Finish Last-Book Review

Title: Nice Men Finish Last Author: PRAVESH VIR SIDDHU. Publisher: SRISHTI PUBLICATION. Genre: Fiction. Date: 2017 Price: INR 106/- Pages:216 Ratings:- 2.5/5 STORY:- Nandan aka Nandu an ordinary boy whose name has come from mythological beliefs of his mother, his life revolves around Noor the love of his life, but now he has come to… Continue reading Nice Men Finish Last-Book Review



Title: Harappa - Curse of The Blood River. Author: Vineet Bajpai. Publisher: VB Performance LLP. Genre: Historical Fiction. Date: 2017 Price: INR 130/free (kindle unlimited) Pages: 316 Ratings:- 🌟🌟🌟/5. A past destined to come in the present and to evoke the future. A curse immersed in the filthy pool of greed and power in the… Continue reading HARAPPA-CURSE OF THE BLOOD RIVER:- BOOK REVIEW