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#DiscoverIndiaReadathon-Join the movement

With a population of our land crossing millions and the total number of book readers ratio is actually not the thing, I am quite worried about but the total number of Indian readers are rising day by day and out of them how many have read or know about the Indian literature is where the tinny-tinney concern arises.

We all love to read about the great wizarding fantasy world,fairy tales and the one which tickles or scare our bones, Indian literature came into the world way before we became independent mostly it was done verbally through the medium of vernacular languages like Sanskrit,Pali and much more.

On the occasion of the 70th Indian Independent year, we the bookstagramming community is joining the #discoverindiareadathon challenge on a social app Instagram hosted by 3 beautiful ladies 1.@theliquidsunset



Now,why do we need to join this readathon?? Well, I have 5 reasons to give you, On why we should join this Amazing readathon!!!


1)Learn diversity– There is a drastic change in the diversity of today’s lifestyle from earlier and today adapting westernization has become a mere trend, but the roots laid below holds a treasure of awakening and realizing its importance and myriad colors, which each country and state holds.

2) The struggle was real– We do admire our hero’s, who fought for our nation’s pride each has its own sides of the coin, which we learnt in our history classes, but it’s more than that books takes us to those glorious moments,the night when the flag was hoisted, the day partition took away those homes and how people survived in spite of having the worst nightmares of their lives.

3)Evolution– No doubt living in the 21st century, we are using our fingertips in speed of light,but visualizing the leap of technology and to know how the things came into existence for the needs and what changes took over is the prior thing we need to apprehend.

4) Differences– The reasons to understand the crack between different caste and tribes, we only know the facts from the surface and set our mindsets, as a reader, we know how a half knowledge can spoil the whole plot (imagining the whole time Snape was a bad but the end didn’t seem like that isn’t it..)
The differences between each sins and moral’s , it’s not only about dates to remember,but to learn our rights, which exist,but we aren’t aware of.

5) We do have a golden history– The last reason won’t sound too rational, but we have the most dramatic and eye-catching history,Once the golden nest land, the one having the Kohinoor and some riveting national songs we got during this era is definitely you and I shouldn’t miss!!




BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS:-(for more you can use the hashtag #DiscoverIndiaReadathon)




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