Lost girls: Book Review

Pay more and lose less,talk to none and you will see her alive.if fails to do so,the screams shall come to you dead.

Blurb:The one who pays the highest gets to see her daughter’s face again,and the other must definitely die. Lost girls is the third installment book of detective Kim Stone series by Angela Marsons .

STORY:Two nine year old girls Amy and Charlie are abducted from a leisure store. The confirmation of their kidnapping is ensured by a horrifying message to their parents.

Kim Stone is just a police officer,but her knacking skills of interpretation is the best amongst all!! She is set on this case,because the mother of one child, who happens to know her was sure, Kim will bring the girls back home safely even if it cost her life too.

The second half splits the two families away as the kidnappers demands are “the one who Pays more gets to see their child” thus the clock start ticking for Kim Stone and her squad. This case is similar to the case happened years before, are they both connected? will Kim be able to find the missing Dots and find who informed the gang that Dewain was alive??

Not just a single story, a web of dark events in the fear of losing the dear ones!!

The character of Kim is strong and gallant, who refuses that she has a heart but has a soft corner for the families and their problems too. A leader who walks with her squad instead telling them to follow.

Author’s world: This is my first book by this author, the storyline was awesome, the connection between the characters, events taking place all was well tailored. The Author’s writing style didn’t appeal that much, the cliffhangers weren’t too strong. The tension didn’t quite aroused, I couldn’t feel it anywhere. Maybe, due to multiple stories it kind of got lost in the characters.

Author: Angela Marsons.

Ratings: 3.5/5.

Genre:Crime Fiction.


Publication: Bloomsbury publication.


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