Author Interview: Reminiscences of a seeker.

Reminisces of a seeker tells the story of the author itself Kapil Kumar Bhaskar, how the world of spirit made him see through the dimensions of the dark world painted white.

So, I got the chance to interact indirectly with the author, his answers are straight and honest with no sugar coated hopes and words coming directly from the heart.

1.Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?

I don’t think so. A writer expresses his emotions through his writings. Therefore, unless and until one feels strongly for something, he won’t able to do justice to his writings. When one writes, it is not merely words, but it is the feelings behind the words which give life to the writing. Through my writing, I could able to pen down all my emotions on paper. Obviously if you are a writer of text books or on disciplines like economy or policies, which are fact based, then it is a different question.

2.What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer??

I am not an avid reader and this book is about all my own experiences. I am not in contact with any other authors at the moment.

3.What was the gap between the incidents that took place and when you started writing your book?

I started writing the book four –five months after the death of my Guru. The book captures about twenty years of experiences in my spiritual journey.

4. how long it took you to complete the book?

It took me almost eight months and I completed the first draft of both of my books. It was on 28th December, 2013, while I was writing the last chapter of my book, I became seriously ill and was on my death bed. It took me almost one and half years to fully recover and then I finalized the book.

5. India has diversity of religious beliefs and system each having their own way to attain spiritualism, do you feel your book has given answers to recognize all the foul practices done in different parts ?

This book narrates about the dark world and its practices and misleading Masters who are manipulating and using their disciples to fulfill their own greed. This book cautions spiritual seekers the dangers that lay in the path of the pursuers of this art. The book does give a glimpse about few practices which are carried out.
My personal experiences and I am no one to comment on these practices. It depends on the seeker which path to follow, but one should be very careful.

6.If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Honestly, I would tell my younger writing self to write always honestly. Writing is an artistic expression and one needs to live the expression to come out with a beautiful creation. Put your heart and soul into your writings, and set aside your logical mind while writing.

7. Are you working on some another novel?

Yes at the moment, I am working on the second book of Reminiscences of A Seeker, which is nearly complete. I plan to write one more book after that.

8. Can you tell us about the new age foundation group?
No idea

9. what according to you is the difference between religion and spirituality ?

The origin of Spirituality is based on religion. To understand spirituality, one has to have a deeper understanding of religion. Spirituality begins where religion has no answers…Spirituality is beyond restrictions with a greater understanding.
Religion is restricted to community, region, locality, where as spirituality is beyond these boundaries and integrates religion, mankind and universe.
Religion is a set of rules and restrictions which are fear based where as spirituality is self discipline and is beyond fears and acknowledge internal vices. Spirituality is beyond the concept of “I know.” Spirituality is related to the infinite which can only be based on some understanding of the individual, and is not about knowing.

10. What message you would like to convey to mass readers who are seeker’s of white magic?

Spirituality is not a fashion for a true seeker. If you are on a true spiritual journey it might be a slow process, but the simplicity of the journey will make you an evolved and humble person. You have to be patient on this path. True spiritualism teaches you how to surrender to the Almighty and to accept Life as it is. Life is not at all about acquiring,but about happening. The Spiritual World is more powerful than the Dark World which, on the other hand, is governed by hidden motives.

Disclaimer: The above opinions are directly from the author and are not altered or changed at any point

you can also watch the author’s chat with the half baked beans :- Hbb chat with the Author

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