Man of her match- Book Review

Love is friendship and without friendship there is no love!!

Do you remember this famous srk line from kkhh(kuch kuch hota Hai) !!?? With the similar breezy romance, we have Nidhi Marwah, once a tomboy now a slender chick with toned legs and media executive of NT channel, when meets once a best friend now an enemy cum famous Indian cricketer cum devil of the house Vikram walia, the tension between them inflates with the memories of their blooming affection and hurt. The old sparkles comes with the mild breeze of warmth, but will it stick for forever this time??

Plot: After 12 years, Vikram walia has returned to his hometown Delhi to endorse a brand to regain his demolished image with the help of NT channel, were Nidhi is handling the same project as her keen interest towards the cause. Rivalry flickers as Vikram, who has broken her heart once and is more egoistic for his flaming name and also know for his bad temper have to work together this time. Through the lenses of media gossips, cricket matches and lost love between them, the author candidly catches the moments of friendship and love with a tangy twist of mistaking and trueness.

Author’s World: The book is fast paced with engrossing characters and filmiscial storyline. Both the protagonist are shaped accordingly as the story moves ahead. Author’s writing style is simple with witty observations, the only glitch I felt is that the complexity between the characters is resolved as the salt dissolves in water, but valid transparency lacked. The side characters are the one from her debut novel with same bonding of friendship and craziness.

The book is not totally a rom-com but a light romantic story, which you should totally not miss!!

Author: Sakshama Puri Dhariwal.

Ratings: 4/5

Cover: 4.5/5

Genre: Fiction.

Pages: 254

Publication: Penguin India.

Thanks to the publishers for this awesome signed review copy!!


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