Inside the heart of hope-Book Review

A dying leaf has a hope to born again, so why can’t a living man can have hope to a life full of love and happiness even in the time against the odds!?

Inside the heart of hope a rendering story will light up each hopeful candle in your heart, that beamed for the warmth of those dying wishes



Rick who sees his life as an ordinary one, but the lenses of medical world sees him as a boy with congenital heart disorder boy. the reality is bittering as he his on edge line between life and death, which restrains him to live normally. Being for months in hospital, other days in his room locked from the activities,which made him happy. Rick then too doesn’t lose hope as he has his love of life beside him Amy, Until the time she comes to know the dire of his life and leaves him all alone apart.

Rick has lost all the faith and hope he had from his life, could he live with that ??and for how long??


Author’s world:The book being small is slow throughout . The story coils each stage of the protagonist, how he faces each ups and down of his life. The author has managed to depict the turmoil of the people dealing with such disorder and how we should not treat them and accepting people with deformity is not a sin.

His writing style is simple and lucid,the book story was pretentious leaving the epilogue.

A story of friendship, courage and efforts, things mend if your will stand still throughout.

RATINGS: 3.75/5.



PAGES: 121





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