Beyond the veil-Book Review

Well, if you take feminism as a tete-a-tete talk about women, showing pity concern on their wrathful dilemma then my friend let me take you behind the veil of her sealed bruises by talking beyond these thoughts, were the rights of women are not as bright as her intellect.

Beyond the veil talks about the crisis 80% of the women in India face after hitting puberty as it has become the license of living a life ahead.

STORY: Janhvi Desai a well-educated women who have always been toyed by her parents in every step of her life and before getting to know herself, she is tied to a well reputed family Raghuvanshi, Ram her future to be husband seems perfect but after getting married, is her life perfect?
The author has highlighted all the spots a women faces in her life, how she is been betrayed, sold by her own parents as their pride Hallmark, whose voice should be not above a pitch otherwise being called a bitch!?

Family pressure, loneliness, feminine fotecide and inspite being stuck in the mud she spaces her out to be her trueself.
All the issues, which hamper our thoughts and words which are meant to convey straight are given goofy names due to shame!
Author’s world: The book is very fast paced book, the author within few pages made us aware of the loops of the old traditions, which needs to be abolished. the writing style is simple and lucid, concern is only she aimed only on the ideas story part was very cut to the point could have been more evolving over the lives.great book cover!!

A Small engaging story, how harsh realities and norms abducts women’s lives.





PAGES: 114.



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