Serious Men- Book review.

If cynicism is what passes the insight amongst the mediocre, then Manu Joseph is an Indian master of satire.

Within in a blink of an eye, what a person may miss or do is captured by the author is an unpredictable way.

The reality which seemed harsh will rub your belly bones with laughter.

Serious Men is his first debut novel, which is a cunning war between the Dalits and Brahmin in the daily hustle of life.
The colorful spectrum of men tamarinind thoughts and carnal feelings towards women, the eerie of her eye lashes and swing of her hip bones, how a man carves his own canvass is all opened by the author hilariously.

Story: Arvind is a legendary astro­physicist, a perennial Nobel candidate banned from the Vatican for having whispered something naughty in the pope’s ear, his unusual or unsettling personality traits and the unabashedly ambitious, taboo and hubristic nature made him deny the theory of big bang and search for aliens as microscopic particle falling on earth, this is what all he is concerned of, but somewhere he is suffocated by his aloofness which eats him within only due to his own lure.

Ayyan is Arvind’s personal assistant at the institute, a sweeper’s son of the untouchable caste with an affinity for mischief equaled only by his aptitude for it. Whose great grandfather’s were harassed by the Brahmins, who therefore consider himself as a Buddhist even though being a Hindu, his wife who doesn’t talk to neighbor watches television and his genius son who is perlingual deaf doesn’t like to be called special, he and his father play games which shocked the entire school, his mother and the ethnic Brahmin people in the Indian Institute of theory.
How the father sons game flips up and down everyone’s life is all you need to see.
I totally loved this book. The characters were unique and we could totally relate or see in our daily life’s, but what goes behind the walls and curtains is all we know but no one says it loud.

The author has graciously penned down, the lives of the people living in the old traditional tenements in a shanty room divided two ways kitchen and a common bathroom.the efforts of newly Weds to find privacy in cramped spaces and the fear to accept the change on losing out unity, camaraderie ethos. The rising star of the chawl and praises to mother for giving birth to such a genius, saving penny by penny to to live up for months

A witty narration of child prodigy, office politcs, external affairs, mocking people up winds up your head and calm the temple with a smile on your face.

I didn’t just like the switching of life between the main characters.it bored a little in between.

Rating: 4.5/5

Author: Manu Joseph.

Publication: Harper Collins

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