Beyond the book- Book Review

The most sapient question we may ask ourselves when lying in solitude with inherent half clarity or judging one’s coexistence is…..

What is the meaning of life??

The answer’s depth doesn’t have an outline, but it  is felt by attaining it throughout our existence.

Beyond the book by Anmol Chawla takes us on a fictional​ philosophical ride with 2 groups of 3 middle-aged men and youngsters.

Story: Begins with the 3 middle-aged men who had done running throughout their lives from raising their children, making them settled and free from all the heaps lying on their shoulders by achieving all the stages from money, fame and good health,but the mind is still in a need to know the purpose of pertaining all this and how we can look towards the life from a more pure aspect . Thus they go on an ever- changing journey to Himalayas to find solace in tranquility, freeing themselves from the webs of technology and earn spiritualism. As they embark to McLeod Ganj a disaster happens in Chorabari glacier which affected nearby villages thus they take a turn to help those people and ends up meeting the person they were in search of, thus their spiritual journey begins by meeting people in a small change of event were they learn various cultural ways be pure from within, the absolute truth , different Vedic plants and it’s properties. All spiritual beliefs have a scientific connection and thus the amusing journey takes them to different cities which they never dreamt of !!

           The three youngster’s in the verge of their careers in IIM- Ahmedabad when hears about the destruction due to glaciers, where the rest of the crowds blames the technology and irrelevant nature of government, they thought how those strangled people’s​ lives could be saved. As being the part of a highly reputed B school they had an alternative subjects Option, only these 3 Youngsters choose philosophy and thus their lives now had a cause to search for this answers with the help of their teacher,who taught them about the various religions their beliefs and help them experience the practices, which the divine deities use to perform,and how the life of this 6 people’s clashes with each other  is a spiritual ride which you will totally enjoy by being totally engrossed.

My opinions: The author has discussed with us the parameters for finding disambiguation by focusing on the centre of two dimensions bringing clarity, sense to the question and fitting the concept of meaning within the realm of normativity  in general and then discovering the necessary and sufficient condition for a normal life.

Some to which I agree, but few I disagree due to my norms and experience to which I stay firm and apt as it suffice my living and logical reasoning.

I wished it should have been a small pages book, 270 pages was a lot to take.

The author’s writing style is simple and engaging.

To read or not: You may and it’s a good but switch off the other zone you will enjoy more as its a heavy content 
Ratings: 3.85/5

Author: Anmol chawla

Publication: Notion Press.


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