When dimple met rishi-Book Review

Two people of opposite mindsets, same culture,when brought together under the circle of well future planned wedding porch, crazytivity is back fired in the most amusing way!!

When dimple met rishi is a sweet,heart- warming romcom Indian American culture novel.

 Dimple is an ambitious nerd who believes the true identity of a person lies in his/her intellect and talents totally opposite from her typical Indian mother who chafes her with makeup ideas and glimmer clothes to find a perfect Indian husband.

Living in California dimple is eagerly awaiting for her summer program to start, so she can run away from her mom’s daily dose of how to be an perfect Indian ethnic girl and participate in the 6 weeks summer program insomniac con to develop an app so she could work with her idol model, before going to Standford to complete her degree.

Rishi Patel is a Sanskari boy and first child following the patrilineal rule of having familiastic values and traditions. He plans to go to MIT for pursuing computer engineering hiding his true talent as a comic artist going to San Francisco to meet his future wife Dimple shah with a ring in his pocket.
Though with clashing of thoughts the two are assigned to a project and thus the life of these young buds hits a minty tale sharing their own ideologies and goals. Rishi is an extension of his family while dimple is an individual with her own beliefs.

The book highlights the forms in which we are usually hanged between priorities, cultural sentiments and our heart.

You can literally dive into the moments shared by the characters. the book captures pieces of high school  drama, heroic action, love of laughter and flickering sad moments with a sweet teary ending.
The author has done a commendable job!!. the desi thadkas will make you laugh,proud and happy.

The only think I felt while reading is incomplete sentences of narrator as I was  not getting clue where the story headed.

Ratings: 4.5/5.

Author: Sandhya Menon

Publication: Hachette books.


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